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Installing Kinetic Task Trial

Kinetic Task is a comprehensive tool for creating and administering task flows of all types using a variety of source systems. This guide will get you up and running with the Kinetic Task trial server.


A download is now available for developers to try out Kinetic Task.

You can request access here.

The download contains the application along with a Tomcat Server and sample form integration to get up and running quickly.


Java 1.6 or greater is required to run Kinetic Task.  Although not required, we recommend using Java 1.7 or greater for better performance.

** IMPORTANT NOTE ** Kinetic Task comes with an embedded H2 database to make it easy to get started. This database is not meant for Production Use. Until you configure Kinetic Task for a there will be a warning message displayed at the top of each page, and a more detailed error on the Change Database console.


Start by extracting the file.  You may place the kinetic-task-tomcat directory anywhere you like.

Next open a command line and navigate to the /kinetic-task-tomcat/bin directory (example: cd ~/Downloads/kinetic-task-tomcat/bin)

Start the tomcat server by running one of the two following commands (depending on your operating system).





On Windows you may need to define the JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to your Java installation.  Below is an example of setting the JAVA_HOME environment variable (the path may differ depending on where Java is installed).  You will need to run this command before running the startup.bat command.

set JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jre7

If you get a Permission denied error on a Unix-based operating system run the following command to make the .sh files executable:

chmod +x *.sh

Upon successful startup you should see some output that looks similar to this.



  • When a new instance of the application is started we set up a default H2 database to store Kinetic Task information.  If you move your Tomcat directory, the reference to that database will no longer be valid, and you will need to update your database properties (Admin tab).

Assuming that you are running tomcat on your local machine on the default port go to:


You should see our Welcome to Kinetic Task view.


To access the Kinetic Task management consoles, you can submit a request through the sample 'iPad Request Form' or go to:


You will be prompted to login (login as admin/admin) and then be redirected to the Dashboard page.

Unlicensed Mode

When you first start Kinetic Task (using the instructions above) it will be running in unlicensed mode. In unlicensed mode there will be an orange bar on the top of the page, notifying you that Kinetic Task has not been licensed.

Besides the orange bar there is also a technical limitation to unlicensed mode. The Task Engine will only process so much work at a time. After the set amount of work has been processed (25 runs) the engine will stop and need to be restarted manually via the consoles.

When the engine has stopped for this reason, there will be another message displayed beneath the orange Unlicensed bar.

To restart the engine you can click the Engine link in the message, or you can select the Admin tab on the top and then the Engine tab on the left. This will take you to the Task Engine page.


To start the engine, click the orange Start button. If the engine starts successfully, you will be shown a success message and the engine will start processing work again.

Stopping Tomcat

To shutdown tomcat navigate to the /kinetic-task-tomcat/bin directory like above and run the following command.