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Getting Started

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The articles in the Getting Started guide will walk you through some of the basics that you will encounter early on when working with Kinetic Task. 
  • Kinetic Task is a comprehensive tool for creating and administering task flows of all types using a variety of source systems. This guide will get you up and running with the Kinetic Task trial server.
  • Using a Task Engine in Unlicensed Mode
  • A tree is how we define processes in Kinetic Task. This guide will walk you through creating your first task tree, running the tree, and examining its output.
  • Handlers are the building blocks of the Kinetic Task application. They each perform a specific operation and they are combined to implement an automated process. In the Creating a Tree guide we see how to use a Handler in a tree. In this guide we go through the configuration of a Handler.
  • Inevitably we all run into some sort of errors during development. In this guide we go through some of the options Kinetic Task gives us to to deal with these errors when they arise.