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What's New in 3.2

Kinetic Task 3.2 back ports several changes that were implemented in Kinetic Task v4.0 to make the v3.x branch more consistent with v4.x branch.

Updated Junction Logic

Due to popular demand, in Kinetic Task 4.0 and 3.2 we have updated the junction handler logic to prevent some unintuitive behavior. For more details about how the junction logic was changed please read the following article Updated Junction Logic.

Removed ERB from Connector Expressions

To fix a security vulnerability we have removed the ability to use erb (embedded ruby) tags within connector expressions. The Removed ERB from Connector Expressions article explains the vulnerability that was fixed and also shows how connector expressions can be updated to work without erb tags.

​Updated Import/Export Format

In Kinetic Task 4.0 the import/export format was changed to be all xml rather than some ruby code that also contained the tree xml. In order to be consistent we have updated the import/export format in Task 3.2 to match Task 4.0. Note that Task 3.2 will still support importing trees exported from older versions of Task.