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Building a Subtree

A subtree should be built the same as a regular process tree.  To return the defined subtree output variables and allow the parent tree to continue processing, a new System Control task handler called "Tree Return" must be used.

Tree Inputs

The subtree inputs defined when the subtree was created will be available in the Pre-Defined Values selection list.  The ERB value will be depicted as:  <%=@inputs['Input Name']%> where Input Name is the name of the input parameter you want the value for.



In the above example, the selected tree input parameter would result in the following ERB expression: <%=@inputs['Name']%>.  Tree input parameters can be used in any task handler within the subtree.


Tree Outputs

A new Tree Return task handler was created in Kinetic Task v3.1 to indicate when subtree values should be returned back to the parent tree, and allow the parent tree to continue processing.

The Tree Return handler can be found in the Task List under the System Controls category.  It will only be displayed in the list if a subtree is being developed, it does not display for regular trees.



Example Subtree

A finished example subtree:


This subtree can now be used in any process tree that needs to send an email to the requester.  If the message body ever needs to change, it only has to be changed in one place rather than in all the process trees that use it.