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This page provides the Documents related to Kinetic Task
  • Kinetic Task is a comprehensive tool for creating and administering task flows of all types using a variety of source systems, including BMC Remedy Action Request System®. You can generate task trees/flows quickly to automate solutions like Remedy ITSM, Salesforce, Oracle Identity Management, and more.
  • The purpose of this chapter is to provide Kinetic Task system administrators with details on what the functions of the different available consoles support.
  • The purpose of this chapter is to provide details on the Task Management Console.
  • The Kinetic Security Language (KSL) is a strategy for defining and managing access control.  At a high level, KSL uses the same technology as the task handler parameters and connectors in order to determine whether a request should be allowed or denied.  Kinetic Task 3.0 leverages KSL to restrict API access, however usage of KSL will grow to be used in many other areas in both Kinetic Task and other Kinetic products.
  • Starting in version 3.0, Kinetic Task extended support for the automation of workflow for any application, and is no longer restricted to providing task processing for Kinetic Request.  The term source root refers to an application that initiatiates task processing.  This article will cover some of the background knowledge and strategies necessary to integrate an application with Kinetic Task.
  • The Kinetic Task Glossary includes brief descriptions of commonly used terms as well as references to community pages with additional details.