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Tree Configuration

The Tree Configuration Console allows access to create, import, edit, open, export, and delete task trees for any Source.

Description of Tree Configuration Functions

The Tree Configuration Console has one tab that allows access to create, import, edit, open, export, and delete task trees for any Source.


When the tab is first displayed, it is blank. This is because no source is specified by default.


To create, import, open, export, or delete task trees, you must first select a source root and click Search.


Once a source root is selected, a list of trees for that source root will be listed. This listing  is the tree management interface.  The buttons to create or import a tree are above the table rows. The list is sortable by all columns (except the Actions column).The rows list the detail for the trees, and allow actions to be taken upon that tree.


Click on the tree's row to edit the tree's Source Root, Status, Source Group, or Tree Name. Refer to the Getting Started Guide for Source Roots for details on how these variables are defined/used.


Or click on the open icon to open the Task Tree Builder. There is a training class available on using the Tree Builder.


Or click on the export icon to export the tree. This will download a .rb file with the name of the onto your machine.


These functions can all be used on trees that are related to Kinetic Requests, but the task trees can also be added through the Tasks tab in the service item details and will be exported/imported as part of the service item export/import. These functions are available in this console because this will be the only way to create, edit, export, and import trees that use non-Kinetic Source Roots (systems or applications that use Kinetic Task as a workflow processing engine).

Use the Add Tree button above the tree list on the right to create a new tree.


Use the Import Tree button above the tree list on the right to import a tree previously exported.


Note that if the tree you are imported already exists in the system, you will get a warning and will be asked to confirm your import.