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Updating an Existing Task Handler


Sometimes it is necessary to make minor code modifications to an existing task handler.  Kinetic Task now allows updating existing task handlers without having to first remove the task handler.  This approach preserves any task info values and categorizations that have been previously configured.


Reimporting the Task Handler

To begin the import process, click on the Import Task Handler link toward the upper right of the console page. Then you will be presented with a new section of the screen.


Use the browse button to select the correct handler zip file and click the import button. This will attempt to import the provided file. If the zip file is damaged (or you indicate a file that is not a zip) you may see this error:


If your zip file doesn't contain all the necessary/expected files, the error will tell you which files are missing:


If your file is correct and complete, and the task handler you are trying to import already exists in the system, you will receive a message stating the task handler already exists, and will require confirmation that you intend to overwrite the existing task handler.


To proceed with updating the existing handler, you must click the Overwrite button.  A confirmation dialog will be presented to ensure you really do want to update the existing task handler.  Clicking the OK button in the confirmation dialog will proceed to update the existing task handler.

If everything proceeds successfully, you will see a success message, similar to the one below.



Note that any task configuration properties (task infos) or categorizations that were previously applied to the task handler will remain intact.

This also does not mean that the handler is available for use.   If task handlers are cached in your task engine environment, the new task handler code won't be loaded until the Task Engine is stopped and restarted.