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Task Handler Configuration

The Task Handler Configuration Console provides access to create and manage task handlers and task handler categorization.

Description of Task Handler Configuration Functions

The Task Handler Configuration is broken into two tabs: Task Handlers and Task Categories.

The Task Handlers tab provides a filterable list of Task Handlers. This page allows access to import, configure, export, and delete task handlers.

The Task Categories tab provides a list of existing Task Categories and allows for creation, modification, and deletion of categories.


Task Handlers

Kinetic Task handlers are registered integration points. Registration makes them available to the Task Builder and creates one time connection information. Task Handlers have pre-defined inputs and outputs which makes them highly reusable.

Task handlers are cached by the task engine. Changes to/Imports of any task handlers will not be recognized until the task engine is stopped and restarted.


The list of Task Handlers can get quite large so you can type in the Filter box to only show certain handlers. This matches the handlers with an anywhere match.

How to import and configure a Task Handler is described here.

There are a number of handlers available for download from the community. This page gives you an overview of and links to available handlers. Sometimes custom handlers will be necessary. This page contains some pointers on this process.

Task Categories

Task Categories are used to sort the display of Task Handlers within the tree builder. A Task Handler may have more that one category if this is appropriate.


Categories can be edited by click on them in the list, then clicking on the edit icon. This allows for management of access rights (by Remedy Group) to the category, and this allows for changing the handlers that are in, or not in, this category. Detailed instructions for adding/editing a category are here.