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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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A list of all enhancements and bug fixes included in this version.


Enhancement #1416 Implement task handler updates.
Enhancement #1568 Open the task details pane after importing a task handler.
Enhancement #1600 Implement an Analysis Console to give visibility into task handler usage and validation.
Enhancement #1725 Add node messages to task instance records on the management console.
Enhancement #2295 Implement task parameter trimming to remove leading and trailing whitespace characters from task parameter configuration values.
Enhancement #2347 Creation of trigger records by the task engine now sets the Description field to an "Origin" string indicating what initiated the creation of the trigger record.
Enhancement #2363 Add pagination to the task management console so more than the last 50 exceptions can be accessed.
Enhancement #2443 Change the "Author" label in the task builder configuration dialog to "Process Owner Email".
Enhancement #2470 Add a KS_TSK_Reporter permissions group, and give read access to the KS_TSK_Trigger and KS_TSK_Instance forms.
Bug #2573 The Assignee Group field on the relationship records between the Categories and Task Handlers does not contain the correct value.
Enhancement #2577 Add "Subtree Id" field to the KS_TSK_Tree form.
Enhancement #2580 Add a filter to delete relationship records when a tree is deleted.
Feature #2581 Implement subtrees.
Enhancement #2584 Add the ability to navigate subtree executions.
Bug #2588 Fix the logout link on the Task Builder.
Bug #2589 When saving Kinetic Request trees from the Tree Management Console or the Task Builder, the tree records are saved using the default web user instead of the logged in user.
Bug #2604 Task Exception Handler records fail to save if the short description value exceeds 254 bytes.
Bug #2605 Task Email records fail to save if the subject value is greater than 255 bytes.
Bug #2608 Show the Exception Date on the Management Console for task exceptions instead of the Create Date.
Enhancement #2611 Allow the task engine to run unlicensed as long as the number of task instances doesn't exceed 1,000 records.