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What's New in 3.0

Kinetic Task 3.0 exposes the advanced workflow automation that has been proven in Kinetic Request to any application.  Task trees can now be developed, using existing handlers, to automate solutions like Remedy ITSM, Salesforce, Oracle Identity Management.  This list is limitless!  Additionally, multiple enhancements are included in this release including: pure Java and 64bit compatibility, a new and improved web-based installer, and the Kinetic Security Language (KSL).

Automate Workflow for Any Application

Kinetic Task 3.0 provides multiple entry points for source applications to interact with Kinetic Task process flow.  Even if an application does not have the ability to interact via SOAP Web Services, REST, or Remedy, a polling strategy can be implemented.  Source applications can trigger a new task process to be started, have specific tasks delegated back to them for completion, and leverage the myriad of existing handlers to interact with other systems and applications.

For more information about integrating a source application with Kinetic Task, see Getting Started with Source Roots.

Pure Java and 64bit Compatibility

Kinetic Task 3.0 removes dependencies on the JNI (and on any .dll or .so library files).  This means that installation is simpler and no longer requires environment configuration or changes.  Additionally, Kinetic Task 3.0 can now be run on any system supported by Java (even on a Mac!).

Web-based Installer

The installer executable has been replaced with a self-installing web application.  Simply drop in a .war file to an existing web server, open a web browser, specify your Remedy location and credentials, and Kinetic Task will automatically detect if there is no version, the current version, or a past version installed and install or upgrade accordingly.  Install OR upgrade in less than 5 minutes with a running Tomcat server!

For more information about installing or upgrading Kinetic Task, see Kinetic Task 3.0 Installation.

Kinetic Security Language (KSL)

New in Kinetic Task 3.0 is the Kinetic Security Language (KSL).  KSL is a powerful new strategy for defining security policies, and uses the same syntax and technology as connectors in the Task builder.  In this version of Task, KSL is used to specify access security to the API (which exposes the entry points that source applications can use drive task process flow), but there will be increased adoption of KSL in future versions of all Kinetic products.