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Source Configuration

The Task Source Configuration Console allows access to create, manage, and delete Source Roots and Policy Rules.

Description of Task Source Configuration Functions

The Task Source Configuration is broken into two tabs: Source Roots and Policy Rules.

The Source Roots tab shows lists of Dynamic and Standard Source Roots and allows for creation, modification or deletion of Standard Source Roots.

The Policy Rules section lists existing Policy Rules and allows for creation, modification or deletion of these rules.


Source Roots

A Source Root is a system or application that uses Kinetic Task as a workflow processing engine. A Source Root can be a simple database form, or a complex application.


Dynamic Source Roots use a Ruby package that is designed specifically for the source. The Ruby package defines what data is bound to the source record, so that the data can easily be used in task trees.

Standard Source Roots do not have a Ruby package that defines what data is bound to the source record. Each standard source root requires a task handler that is designed to retrieve the information from the source, and return each piece of information as a results variable in the task handler.                     

A detailed explanation of Source Roots is available in this getting started guide.

Policy Rules

A policy rule is a reusable Ruby expression that gets evaluated to test if a request meets the requirements of the rule before being allowed to proceed.

Source Roots can apply policy rules to define what systems are allowed to create triggers for the source root using the Kinetic Task API. 


A detailed explanation of Policy Rules is in the Defining one or more Policies and Apply Policies to a Resource sections of this getting started guide.