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Activity 5 - Create Approval

Create an Approval Process for your service item.


Learn how to create an approval task tree using the standard Approval Handler


Use the same service item for approval as was used for submission.  Your service item needs to have the approve/deny question on it.  You can use the copy existing element function to bring the approval section over from one of the sample service items.

 Add the Original Submission branch to your Task Tree.  Test by submitting your service item and watch for the approval entry to be created.

Add the Approval Submission branch to your Task Tree. Test the connection to the Original Submission branch by either approving or denying the approval record.

If you have extra time, create your own approval and denial branches with emails.


What's Next

Setup your approval process before constructing your service items.  Be prepared for changes, and different levels of approvals.

Reporting may become a large part of the approval process.  Find out what data is required for reporting and make sure it is available through your process.