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Task Sources

Creating Task Sources, and Accessing the Task Builder

Accessing the Task Builder

There are two main ways to create/modify task trees in the task builder.

Original Method

The first is through the Tasks tab of the Service Catalog Console from the Kinetic Request application.

task tab service catalog console.JPG

Sources Method

The second is through the Trees console of Kinetic Task.

task tree console.JPG


Before Task Trees can be created that are not being attached to Dynamic Sources* (Kinetic Request and Kinetic Survey), they need to have a Standard Source Root created. For example, you want to have task trees fire after records are created in the Incident form. First, create a Standard Source identified with Incident (which gives you the option of adding policies (rules) around who can submit a seed for a tree), and now you have the opportunity

adding source root.JPG

*Dynamic sources include built in functionality that can retrieve values from the request/survey without using a specific handler.

  1. Click on 'Add Standard Source'
  2. Give it a Name. Must be unique.
  3. Add any Policices

Creating Trees from Standard Sources

To create a Task Tree from a Standard or Dynamic source, start from the trees console.

trees dialog begin.JPG

Select a source from the 'Source Root' drop-down and click the New Tree button to get the new tree dialog.

new tree dialog.JPG

Now you can open the Task Builder to configure your tree by clicking on the "Open Tree" icon in the Actions column of the entry on the listing for the tree.

The Source Group is an optional field used to further define your tree for the selected Source Root. For Kinetic Request this will be the Service Item name. Tree Name must be unique for the specified Source Group.