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Policy Rules

How to configure and apply Policy Rules to Sources

Policy Rule Basics

Policy Rules are used to restrict who (person, server, etc.) that can create records in the KS_TSK_Seed form through the API.

Once your policy rules are created, thay are then applied to a specific source (see previous chapter). This way, you can create standard rules, and then apply them to multiple sources without having to recreate each time.

Create Policy Rules

Policy rules are created on the Task Administration cosole, Sources console, Policy Rules tab.

rules basic console.JPG

Click on Add Policy Rule and enter the details of the rule. One sample rule is included - Localhost Only:

sample policy rule.JPG

Add Policy Rues

Policy rules are added to sources on the Sources tab. Select the source, and in the dialog select the rule from the drop-sown list of available sources.

add policy rule.jpg

More Information

More information about Policy Rules and KSL (KInetic Security Language) is availabel in the following article: