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What's New in 2.0

Task Builder 2.0


Kinetic Task 2.0 comes packaged with a brand new HTML5 based task builder.  The ​Task Builder 2.0 implements connector rearrangement, which allows connectors to be drag-and-dropped between different task nodes.

Encrypted Task Info Values

encrypted-task-info-values.pngStarting in Kinetic Task 2.0, it is possible to specify that certain task info parmeters should be encrypted.  When Kinetic task encounteres an ​encrypted task info parameter, it will display the configuration as a password field and store an encrypted form of the value in the database.

Task Handler and Task Tree Pausing

Kinetic Task now implements the pausing of specific task handlers or entire task trees.  Pausing a task handler will prevent that handler from being executed if it is encountered while processing a task tree.  The processing of that tree will wait until resumed (whether manually or via a task handler).  Pausing a task tree will prevent the engine from processing any part of the task tree.  The processing of that tree will wait until resumed (whether manually or via a task handler).

Distributed Task Engines

Kinetic Task 2.0 provides a simple interface for specifying that specific Task Engine instances should process specified task handlers.  This provides the functionality necessary to specify that a single Task Engine instance should be responsible for all long running tasks, or to specify that an internal Task Engine should process certain sensitive handlers while a primary Task Engine should process the remaining handlers.

For information regarding the configuration of this feature, see Configuring Distributed Task Engines.