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Resume Paused Task Triggers

A process for resuming paused processing due to paused task trees or paused task handlers.


Download the service item definition below.


This solution consists of one service item and one task tree.  The task tree contains three special handlers:  Kinetic Task Trigger ResumeKinetic Task Trigger Retrieve By HandlerKinetic Task Trigger Retrieve By Tree.

If you wish to use this solution or implement a similar process you will need to install and configure the three handlers above.


The Resume Paused Triggers service item consists of three questions.  One gathers the type of paused triggers to act upon, whether they were a result of a paused tree or paused handler.  The other questions gather the Task Tree Id and the Handler Def Id, and are displayed conditionally on the first answer.  Both modes are shown below.


Resume Paused Triggers Form1.JPGResume Paused Triggers Form2.JPG

The Resume Paused Triggers task tree consists of two modes:  tree unpausing and handler unpausing.  The branch taken is conditional upon the answer to the Pause Type question shown above.

Triggers are retrieved using either the Kinetic Task Trigger Retrieve By Handler or the Kinetic Task Trigger Retrieve By Tree handlers.  Then there is a loop that iterates over the returned trigger ids.  Within the loop we resume the triggers with the Kinetic Task Trigger Resume handler.

Resume Paused Triggers Tree.JPG


More information about task tree and task handler pausing:

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