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Installation Guide

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This guide describes the installation process and requirements for Kinetic Task™.


For customer service support, go to the support section of our web site or call 651-695-8566.

  • Kinetic Task™ is an advanced automation engine that extends approvals and task management to BMC® Remedy® and third-party enterprise applications.
  • This chapter provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the Windows based installer.
  • Kinetic Task can be installed with a stand-alone Apache Tomcat server for easy deployment.  However, in many situations, another Servlet Container may be required. Kinetic Task is created as a standard J2EE web application and can be deployed into almost any standard Web Server/Servlet Container including Tomcat, Websphere, and ServletExec AS. The following sections describe the general process for deploying to other servlet containers.  Each container may have other processes for deploying an application.  Please refer to your specific documentation for complete instructions.
  • Kinetic Task comes with a series of web-based consoles that are used to configure and administer the application.  Each Console is accessible from the hyperlinks located in the upper left hand of each console.  The default console that you see when you log in is the Kinetic Task Administration Console. Figure 1: Left Column Hyperlinks