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Configuring Distributed Task Engines

Configure task handlers to be run on specific task engines in multi-engine environments.


This feature allows you to configure a task handler with a specific selection criterion value.  Then an engine must be configured to match that value in order to execute it.

What are the benefits of this feature?

The benefit of this feature is control over which task engines execute which task handlers.

When to use this feature?

It is useful in cases where a task handler takes a significant amount of time to execute.  A task engine could be solely dedicated to executing long running tasks to prevent other processes from getting backed up.

It is also useful when task handlers need to be executed in specific environments.  A task handler, for example, might need to be executed on a Windows system.

Configuring Task Handler

To configure the selection criterion, navigate to the Task Configuration Console and select the handler to be configured.  Click the edit button and provide the selection criterion.  When you change the value of the selection criterion you will be prompted with two fields: Display Message and Internal Message (see descriptions below).  Neither of these messages are required when changing only the selection criterion.  Finally, save the handler.

Display message is intended to be a message written for end users.

Internal message is intended to be a message for other developers.

Configuring Task Engine

To configure the selection criteria the task engine queries for, navigate to the Task Administration Console and click Edit Properties.  Modify the Query property to include the desired criteria.  For example, if the selection criterion of the handler is "windows" change the Query property to the following: