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Task Builder

Basic structure and layout of the Task Builder

Task Tree Configuration

The Task Builder is available by clicking on the ‘Launch Builder’ button on the right side of the table on the Task tab of a service item.  This is where you will create or modify Task Trees related to a service item.

task builder.jpg

Available Tasks are listed along the right side of the builder. The Save and Logout buttons are located along the top right of the main builder window.

Click the Configure button to name and document your Task Tree.

NOTE:  Be sure to click the Save button to save your tree after making changes.

Configuring Task Nodes

Nodes are created by dragging a Task from the task list onto the main section of the task builder.  There are a variety of different types of tasks, System Control, System Utilities, and your own tasks that you create and add. 

After dragging the Task on to the tree, click on the “i” image to flip the Node over to complete the parameter configuration.  If you see a warning symbol on the node, this means that required parameters have not been filled in.  The “X” image will delete the node when it’s clicked on.

basic node.jpg

Along the top of the node you can customize the name to make it relevant to your process. Next to the name are the options for Visible and Defers. If visible is checked, the node and its message will display on the portal page (depending on the design of the portal page). If Defers is checked, the node will wait for some type of response from the system before continuing along your process tree. The id is a unique name for the node that is used in the task engine.

node configuration.jpg