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Kinetic Task Engine V1.0.2 Upgrade Guide






Upgrade Guide

Version 1.0.2 (from version 1.0.1)


Revised May 2, 2011




© 2011, Kinetic Data, Inc.

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Chapter 1     Overview

Kinetic Task


The following guide describes the steps for upgrading from Kinetic Task v1.0.1 to version 1.0.2.

If you are upgrading from a beta or release candidate version, please see the upgrade guide for Kinetic Task 1.0.1.


To upgrade the Kinetic Task software, the user must have access to the Web server.  It may be necessary to get the help of a web server administrator to complete the upgrade.

This manual is intended for AR System administrators, not users or managers.

Upgrade Overview

The process to upgrade consists of the following steps:

1.      Import the ARS .def file.

2.      Update the web application.

3.      Restart the Java Servlet Container used to host the Kinetic Task web application.


Pre-requisites For Upgrade to Version 1.0.2

§  BMC Remedy AR Server 6.3 or greater.

§  A 32-bit Java Servlet Container such as Apache Tomcat, ServletExec AS, or IBM Websphere is required with a 32-bit JDK version 1.5 (5.0) or above.

§  Currently running Kinetic Task Version 1.0.1 or greater.


For customer service support, go to the support section of our Web site or call 651-695-8566

Chapter 2     Upgrade Process


IMPORTANT:  As with any upgrade, you should make the appropriate backups prior to undertaking the upgrade.  You should make a backup of the current kineticTask web application directory.


In addition, read through the upgrade process so you understand what will be taking place throughout the process.


Upgrade the ARS Definitions

Import ARS Definition File

Using the AR System Administrator tool, or the BMC Remedy Developer Studio application, import the definition file found in the ARS folder of the installation package.  Make sure to select the “Replace objects on the destination server” checkbox before importing the files. 


  • KineticTask_101_to_102_changes.def



Upgrade the Web Application

There are two ways to update the web application, the first is to copy the new web application folder over the existing web application, and the second is to deploy the new war file.


The new web application is provided in the upgrade zip package.  Simply unzip the file and navigate to the Web directory within this archive.  You will see a directory named ‘kineticTask’, and a file named ‘kineticTask.war’.



Method 1 – copy over the  Web Application directory

  1. Stop your Java Servlet Container
  2. Navigate to the unzipped upgrade archive location.
  3. Copy the ‘kineticTask’ directory en-masse over the existing directory in your Java Servlet Container’s deployment directory.  On Tomcat, this would be the <tomcat_home>/webapps/ directory.
  4. Start your Java Servlet Container


Method 2 – Deploy the Web Application Archive (war) file.

This method may vary depending on your Java Servlet Container.  Provided are the steps to deploy in Tomcat.

  1. Navigate to the unzipped upgrade archive location.
  2. Copy the ‘kineticTask.war’ file to the deployment directory.  On Tomcat, this would be the <tomcat_home>/webapps/ directory.
  3. Depending on your web server configuration, you may need to stop and then restart the Servlet Container service.



Congratulations, your upgrade is now complete.