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KineticTask Changelog



























Version 1.0.2

Release Notes


Revised March 21, 2010


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Chapter 1                           Introduction


The following items have changed in Kinetic Task. 


Chapter 2                           Changes Implemented in 1.0.2

The following changes were implemented in Kinetic Task version 1.0.2



 [Bug 1412]  Incorrect error message is displayed when attempting to import a task handler missing the ‘handler’ directory.

 [Bug 1524]  When downloading a handler, the base file name is not always calculated correctly in certain situations.

 [Enhancement 1529]  Remove the confidence column from the Admin Console dependencies tab.

 [Enhancement 1531]  Remove the instanceId column from the task info record table on the task configuration console.

 [Bug 1538]  Specifying the –v flag while running the kinetic-task.jar file from the command line is broken.

[Bug 1545]  Safari does not properly handle Kinetic Task Administration when using proxy port 80.

[Bug 1552]  The refresh link is not available on the Task Management Exceptions Tab if there is not an active exception.

[Enhancement 1554]  Update to ArsModels v0.1.3.

[Enhancement 1580]  Update to KineticNg v1.0.9.

[Bug 1583]  Newer versions of a task handler cannot be imported because the import handler validation fails.

[Bug 1584]  Kinetic Task Managers cannot access the Task Builder – only Administrators can.

[Bug 1586]  Misspelling on a deployment error message.

[Bug 1587]  Task handler validation breaks if the package was created on a Mac due to the meta-data XML file included with the Mac archive process.

[Bug 1590]  Cannot deploy task handlers if the description is longer than 254 characters in the node.xml file.

[Bug 1593]  Remove logging of task handler info values on the Configuration Console.

[Bug 1595]  Remove the query to the Group form when retrieving the list of categories in the Task Builder.

[Bug 1619]  Calls to Kernel#return in main.rb cause problems in JRuby versions greater than 1.4.

[Bug 1646]  The KS_TSK_Relationship ‘Source 2 ID’ field has a limit of 50 characters.  This needs to be at least 64.

[Bug 1648]  Remove the leading backslash from the file names listed in the welcome-file-list in the web.xml file.

[Bug 1651]  Package the Microsoft dependency libraries in the installer program.

[Bug 1659]  Log file shows many instances of 404 errors: /resources/includes/null?tzOffset=xxx.  Seems like if the referrer attribute is not set, then the page doesn’t redirect properly.

Chapter 3                           Changes Implemented in 1.0.1

The following changes were implemented in Kinetic Task version 1.0.1



 [Enhancement 1430]  Add a refresh link to reload the exception list on the Task Management Console exception tab.  This simplifies the process as the entire page doesn’t need to reload.

[Bug 1434]  ArsModels breaks when the Remedy server has permission groups on the Group form.  This prevents any task handler from running.

[Bug 1456]  If the web application starts while the Remedy server cannot be reached, the Connection Pool is not created.

[Enhancement 1490]  Replaced the ‘Task ID’ column with ‘Modified At’ on the Task Management Executions tab.  This allows task managers to quickly see when task instances were last modified, rather than displaying a field that is less important.  The task id is still visible on the task instance detail view  when the task instance is clicked.

[Enhancement 1496]  Added the connector label to the exception log if the connector contains a label.