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Send Customer Answer Table in Email

Once you have collected answers in a table format and saved them into a JSON as specified in this solution, you will then want to use them. This solution describes how to email the customer answer table.


What you do with the table stored in the JSON string will entirely depend on what you want to do with it. 

You may want to include the table in a notification/email. Most emails are sent in HTML format these days. Use this handler to build a simple HTML table from the stored JSON and then you can include the HTML output in your email where you want to include the table. 


The pictured example is included in the updated Table of Answers service item attached to this solution record. Note that you must load the related/refrenced handlers into your systems before the examples will function. Example trees are inactive. Activate them one at time, activating Send Table in Email to test this example.

Send Table in Email


Above is a basic implementation of the sending the HTML in an email. In this example, the email is sent to a value entered in the service item to allow for ease of testing. In a real implementation, this would likely be sent in a confirmation email or to an approver. The text in the body as specified above would look like this.


The Utility JSON to HTML handler creates this basic table that bolds the header and provides a simple outline for the table.