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Trim leading zeros

This javascript will remove leading zeros from a question and return the value with the zeros removed.


To use this javascript place the javascript below and call the trimZeros function with the appropriate paramter.

Examples Usage:

//show an alert message with zeros removed from the question 
//value of question 'Number with Leading Zeros'
alert(trimZeros('Number with Leading Zeros'))'

//set the question 'Number without Leading Zeros' with with zeros removed 
//from the value of question 'Number with Leading Zeros'
KD.utils.Action.setQuestionValue('Number without Leading Zeros', trimZeros('Number with Leading Zeros'));


* Trims leading leading zeros
* @method trimZeros
* @param qstn {String} The question label of the question to trim zeros.
* @return qstn with leading zeros removed
function trimZeros(qstn) {
    qstn = KD.utils.Action.getQuestionValue(qstn);
    while (qstn.substr(0,1) == '0' && qstn.length>1) {
        qstn = qstn.substr(1,9999);
    return qstn;