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Reorder the Elements of a Service Item

Sometimes the elements of a service item (the items in the Pages tab of the Service Item in the Service Catalog Console) can end up "out of order" because one or more element has the same id (sort order) as another element. This will prevent you from moving elements on the page properly, etc. Fixing these duplicate element numbers has always before been a manual process of updating the KS_SRV_ContentsElementHTML form's sortOrder value for the duplicate and all subsequent elements, which can be very time intensive. This service item and handler automates that process of fixing the elements' sort orders.


Load and configure the reorder handler, then load the Reorder Service Item Template Elements service item. 


  • You will likely need to move the service item into one of your catalogs, it was exported from a catalog called: Examples
  • This service item uses the out of the box /displayPage.jsp that ships with Kinetic Request, not a theme display jsp, so it will "just work", but you can modify it to use your theme if you wish.
  • This service item/tree uses Task 3 as delivered. Using the information provided here, you should be able to rebuild the tree in your Task 4, if that is what you are using using this same provided handler.

Once loaded, the Service Item should be available in whatever catalog you moved it to:


Selecting the Catalog menu will populate the Search Type and Service Item menu. Using the Search Type menu isn't required, but if you do use it, it limits the Service Item menu further.


As mentioned in the text, in this example, I'd want to make sure no one was in the Startup Request in the Service Catalog Console, because if I run the reorder and someone has it open and re-saves it with the bad order (because they didn't refresh it after I did the update), I'll be doing it again.

Once this service item is submitted, the following tree runs:


And takes the value from the service item answer (which is the instance id of the selected Service Item template), and runs the reorder handler, fixing the element order.

Handler Overview

Loops through the entries in the KS_SRV_ContentsElementHTML for the specified template and reorders the elements that aren't 999, starting at 1


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Sample Service Item


Name Description
Template Instance ID  The instance id of the Kinetic Request Template ID to be updated

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Template Instance ID KSeb25c15c2ed3f5e91608551fd722bed7a