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Linking to Attachment Answers

The service item described in this article (also attached) illustrates a simple usage of Simple Data Request to retrieve a file attachment from an Attachment question.  The first page of the sample service item includes a single attachment question.  Once a file has been attached and the page has been submitted, the confirmation page provides a link to download the attached file.


The Description section below explains the service item implementation.  To try the service item that is being described, download the attached service item (in .zip format) and use the Kinetic Request Admin Console to import the service item into your environment.  The Service Item does not include category/catalog information, so it will need to be copied or moved to an existing catalog to be accessed.


This service item includes a single attachment question on the initial page, and displays a link to download the attachment on this (the confirmation) page. This is the simplest way to illustrate how to link to an attachment answer, however the same basic principals can be applied from any context.
Confirmation Page:
The attachment link above was generated with a service item text element with the following content:

Attachment: <a target="_blank" href="SimpleDataRequest?requestName=getFile&dataRequestId=existingAttachment&sessionId=<FLD>CustomerSurveyInstanceId;179;BASE</FLD>&questionId=KS000c29724a16JlpuTgIEKIPQUms-&fileName=<FLD>Attachment;KS000c29724a16JlpuTgIEKIPQUms-;ANSWER</FLD>"><FLD>Attachment;KS000c29724a16JlpuTgIEKIPQUms-;ANSWER</FLD></a>

The above content generated the following link:

<a target="_blank" href="SimpleDataRequest?requestName=getFile&dataRequestId=existingAttachment&questionId=KS000c29724a16JlpuTgIEKIPQUms-&fileName=LinkToAttachmentAnswerFirstPage.png&sessionId=AG000c29724a16DBOCTgkLIhZAHZNI">LinkToAttachmentAnswerFirstPage.png</a>

Generic Use
The attachment link uses the following basic structure:


  • requestName should always be getFile.
  • dataRequestId should always be existingAttachment.
  • sessionId should be the instance id of the customer survey record that submitted the answer that is being linked to.
  • questionId should be the instance id of the attachment question that is being linked to.
  • fileName should be the name that should be used for the file download. This does not need to be the same name of the file that was submitted as an answer.