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How to Copy a Launcher to Another Service Catalog

Steps involved in copying a launcher - specifically the current ACME launcher - to another Service Catalog.


In the current version of the application, it is difficult to get a generic version of a launcher or web portal for a new service catalog. Moving the launcher is not hard, it is making sure that all the references to the old service catalog are updated that can be a challenge. In the sections below, you will learn the five places you need to alter to complete moving the launcher.


The five areas that need to be updated are:

  • Search
  • Categories
  • Service Items
  • In Progress/Approvals
  • My Requests

In each case, you will be updating a Simple Data Request qualification to reference the new service catalog. In most cases, you will use the catalog name, but in at least one you will need the instance ID of the catalog.

To get to the qualification section for a simple data request (SDR):

  1. Open the element that has the SDR, and go to the Events tab
  2. Select the event that has the SDR to modify
  3. On the bottom of the event is the SDR section, click the 'Modify' button
  4. From the SDR dialog, click the 'Build Qualification' button to open the Advanced Qualification dialog

You are now in the dialog to make changes to the service catalog that is referenced by the launcher.

Simple Data Request Dialog:



Advanced Qualification dialog from the Build Qualification button



To get the instance ID of the service catalog that you are moving the launcher into, go to the form:

KS_RQT_ServiceCatalog_base, and get the value from the CategoryInstanceID field that matches your service catalog.


Page Element Changes:

Event - Display Service Items

In the Advanced Qualification dialog, update the service catalog to your new catalog. For example if your new service catalog is called HR Requests the qualification would look like this:

'Status'<"Inactive" AND 'ServiceCatalog'="HR Requests"

Event - Display Request Summary

In the Advanced Qualification dialog update the CategoryInstanceID to the ID for your new service catalog.

Search Question Element

Event - Search Service items on Keyup

Update the Category with the name of your new service catalog. This is the same as the Event - Display Service Item.

Text Elements

My Requests - Event - Get Open Service Items 

This shows request details when selected.

In the very large qualification, update the Categry with the new category name, like the Event - Display Service Item.

Service Items - Event - Do All Items in Category

Shows the Open service items for a category. In the qualification, update the Categry with the new category name, like the Event - Display Service Item.