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Extra Submit Button

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KURL Extra Submit Button.rb
A customer requirement was to put the Approval Section/Questions at the top of a Service Item which is no problem.  However, as their Service Item contains many questions they wanted to add a second Submit button below the Approval Section/Questions in order to give the approver a better/easier experience.


To accomplish this you will need to take the following steps:

1)  Copy the Service Item Instance ID from the Advanced tab.

2)  Open the KS_SRV_ContentsElementHTML form

3)  Paste the Service Item Instance ID into the Survey Instance ID field and search.

4)  Scroll all the way to the button of your search results and select the Button which will have the Sort Order of 999.  Copy the Element ID which will be something like:


5)  Go back to your Service Item in the Kinetic Request Service Catalog Console.

6)  Build a Text element that will hold the syntax for building an HTML Button.  The Syntax will be:

<input type="button" name="Submit" value="Submit"/>

7)  Add the following to the CSS Style Class:

templateButtonLayer submitButton

*Note that this will make the button "look pretty" or like the "Real" Submit button.

8)  Now we will use the value from step 4 to build an Event to that will "Click" the actual Submit button.  The Event will have the following information:

Event:  Click
Action:  Custom
Action Name:  Press Submit Button

Custom Code:


I have attached a Sample Service Item that has this functionality built.  The Service Item is called Extra Submit Button.  Please feel free to import it into your environment.