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Kinetic Request RE to CE Form Migrator

The Kinetic Request Form Migrator is a tool to help start the migration process of moving from Kinetic Request remedy edition, to Kinetic Request core edition. After providing some initial setup information (username names, password, etc) you can export Kinetic Request remedy edition forms into JSON files that can then be used to import into a Kinetic Request core edition space/kapp. Please review the tool documentation for a list of items that are and are not migrated for forms.


The Kinetic Request form migrator is a Java application to help facilitate migrating from Kinetic Request Remedy Edition to Kinetic Request Core Edition.


  • Java 7 or higher

  • BMC® Remedy® AR Server 7.0 or greater

  • Kinetic Request 4.4.3 or greater


The request-form-migrator.jar is an executable JAR file that retrieves and builds Kinetic Request service items to be saved into JSON files which can be imported to Kinetic Request Core Edition.  The request-form-migrator.jar is executed from the command line and requires only a small configuration file to get up and running.


A YAML configuration file defines the connection to the AR Server that the Kinetic Request instance is installed on along with the Kinetic Core instance information (URL, username, password.) This file can be downloaded and configured manually, or it can be generated automatically by the request-form-migrator.jar during a setup process (recommended).



To configure the request-form-migrator.jar you must create a YAML configuration file (with a .yml extension) that defines a connection to the AR Server and Kinetic Core instance.  For simplicity, the YAML file is generally located in the same directory as the request-form-migrator.jar.  The contents of the YAML file should be in the format shown here:


Sample for the core form API URL would be: http://localhost:8080/kinetic/space-...pp-slug/forms/

Running the command below will prompt the user for the required configuration values and automatically generate a YAML configuration file named config.yml in the current working directory.

java -jar request-form-migrator.jar -setup

Troubleshooting Configuration

Below are some common errors (not all of the possible errors) that may result from the command above and descriptions of their causes.

MessageNum: 623
MessageText: Authentication failed

The error above occurs if the configuration file contains invalid values for username and/or password.

MessageNum: 90
MessageText: Cannot open catalog; Message number = 90
AppendedText: myremedyserver : RPC: Name to address translation failed - No such hostname

The error above occurs if the configuration files contains an invalid value for server.

MessageNum: 90
MessageText: Cannot open catalog; Message number = 90
AppendedText: myremedyserver : RPC: Miscellaneous tli error - System error (Socket error - 10060)


JAR Usage 

The request-form-migrator.jar is executed using the java -jar command as shown below.

java -jar request-form-migrator.jar -(command) "(property)"

General Arguments 

help Provides an output explaining all of the JAR command line option parameters to use.
export Specifies that the desired action is to export service items from the catalog specified in the additional command argument -catalog

java -jar request-form-migrator.jar -export "Kinetic Request catalog name here"
import Specifies that the desired action is to import the service item files specified in the additional command argument -directory

java -jar -import "C:\diretory\with\exported\json_forms_here\ce-forms"
convert Specifies that the desired action is to first export a catalog from Kinetic Request remedy edition to the filesystem, and then import those files into the space/KAPP configured in the YML file.

java -jar -convert "Kinetic Request catalog name here"
setup Creates / manages the config.yml file which is necessary for connecting to Kinetic Request remedy edit and core edition.



The setup command is used to automatically generate the YAML configuration file.  It will prompt for the necessary values and create a file named config.yml in the current directory.

java -jar request-form-migrator.jar -setup


The help command prints the jar file help text, which contains details about the commands and arguments.

java -jar request-form-migrator.jar -help