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Drop Down Search

Javascript file allowing filtering/searching of Kinetic Request drop down fields based on css class.


  1. Download the attached searchableDropdown.js file
  2. If you are using a bundle add the file to the /kinetic/themes/<theme>/packages/base/resources/js directory.
    If you are not using a bundle, add the file to your common js directory on your web server.
  3. Include the file in either the display.jsp file (or to your main jsp page if not using a bundle) or the service item you want to have filter/searchable dropdowns in the "custom header" section.
    Example (non bundle):
    ​<script type="text/javascript" src="/kinetic/themes/ACME/js/searchabledropdown/searchableDropdown.js"></script>
  4. In Request, add "searchableList" css class to the drop down question.
    Add CSS class