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Data Viewer - Simple Sample

The JavaScript and CSS files configured in the example are all delivered via a CDN.  This removes the need to import the dependencies into a web server.  While this is not a practice recommended for use in a Production Environment, it allows a Sample to quickly and easily get working.

There is intentionally no styling to the sample and it's look is very plain.  Styling come from Bundles and/or additional configuration.  No styling has been added to this sample in order to reduce configuration and dependencies.

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  • Import the zip file into a Kinetic Request RE environment:  Data Table Simple

  • Move to the desired catalog

    • From the Service Catalog Console,  Modify the current catalog to enter the Service Catalog Details.

    • Find the imported Kinetic Request Template and Move it to the current Catalog.

  • Change the Web Server URL on the Advanced tab to reflect the new server.

Bridge Configuration

The following Bridge configuration must be created for the Sample to work.  This Bridge will retrieve Person information.  It can retrieve the data from any form but the naming of the Bridge component must match what is below.


Add a model and give it a Model Name of "Person"


Add a new Qualification and give it a Qualification Name of "By First Name or Last Name or Full Name".  Ensure it a has Result Type of "Multiple"

Qualification Parameters

Add three new Qualification Parameters with the following "Parameter Names"

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Full Name

Model Attributes

Create the following Model Attributes with the following "Attribute Names"

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email
  4. Login Id
  5. Work Phone Number

Model Mapping

Add a Model Mapping Using the Person Model.

  • The Name may be any value.   In this example, the Name used is "Person"
  • Select a valid ARS Bridge, which should already be configured.
  • The Structure must be a valid Remedy form.  In this example, the Structure used is "KS_SAMPLE_People".
  • Status must be Active.

Model Attribute Mappings

Map each of the Model Attributes above to the appropriate location.  In this example, the following mapping is used to map Attributes to fields in KS_SAMPLE_People.  The Example will still work with the Attribute mapped to any field.  It is only important that the Attribute Names are the same as the defined here and that the field values match what is in the Structure configured in the Model Mapping above.    

First Name <%=field["First Name"]%>
Last Name <%=field["Last Name"]%>
Email <%=field["Email"]%>
Login Id <%=field["AR Login"]%>
Work Phone Number <%=field["Phone Number"]%>

Qualification Mapping

The qualification below is suggested to be used but any qualification should work as long as the Qualification Name is the same and no new parameters are used in it.

'First Name' LIKE "<%=parameter["First Name"]%>%" OR 'Last Name' LIKE "<%=parameter["Last Name"]%>%" OR 'Full Name' LIKE "<%=parameter["Full Name"]%>%"


The library files and examples are available on the Kinetic Community GitHub.