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Currency Library



This library contains function which are useful when working with currency values.


  • formatCurrency - Clean and convert numbers into currency values
  • removeCurrency - Removes currency formatting from a number
  • addCommas - Adds commas to a number.
  • removeCharacters - Removes characters from a source string based upon matches of the supplied pattern.
  • numbersOnlyValidation - Validates that the input parameter contains only a number, commas and one decimal.  String may start with "-$" or "$-". Comma placement is not enforced. White space is allowed before and after.
  • strictCurrencyValidation - alidates that the input parameter contains only a number, commas and one decimal. String may start with "-$", "$-", "$(", "($", a decimal point or a number. Comma placement is enforced. White space are not allowed. Parenthises may be used but may not be used together with a minus sign. Leading zeros are allowed only before a decimal.
  • roundNumber - Rounds a number to a given decimal points. 
  • evenRound - Rounds a number to a given decimal points using gaussian/bankers rounding. 
  • sumCurrency - Sums an array of numbers.  Numbers may be positive, negative or in a currency format.