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Combine two menus


This library is used to combine the options from two different Dynamic List or List Questions into one Dynamic List or List question. The values are sorted and any duplicates are removed from the combined menu.


There are no special requirements


Add the file "Combine Menus.js" to the web server.

Reference the files location in the "Custom Header Content" of the Request in the Service Catalog Console.

example: (<script type="text/javascript" src="surveys/KS0050563f696e6z8kTggN-YOQ4jmq/Combine Menus.js"></script>)

Create an event the Request to call the function "combineTwoMenus".

  • combineTwoMenus(source1,source2,destination)
Function Parameters:
  • source1 {String} The first Source menu.
  • source2 {String} The second Source menu.
  • destination {String} The destination menu.


The following Service Item may be imported as an example of the Combined Menu usage.