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Catalog Portal

This service item coresponds with the category/service item listing page.


This service item renders the packages/catalog/catalog.jsp portal page which is the page the user can use to browse through the categories and/or search for service items. This service item usually does not contain any text or elements.

The categories that appear on this page are added through modifying the catalog in the Service Catalog Console and adding them under the Service Item Categories tab. Once the categories are added they are available in the "Settings" tab under "Attributes" then "Category". The categories will not appear in the bundle until a service item is associated with that category.  


Advanced Tab
Display Page (JSP) : themes/your-theme-name/packages/catalog/catalog.jsp
Display Name for URL : display-name-for-url_Catalog
    The “Display Name For URL” will correspond to the catalogUrl variable in the config.jspf file in the bundle.
Audit Tab (if using authentication)

Authentication Type : template
Auth Template Name : Catalog Login


Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 1.35.42 PM.png