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Bundle Packages

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These articles provide links to access the Bundle Packages as well as notes about setup and configuration of each bundle package.

  • This package creates a new portal page in a bundle for displaying result records from a bridge request such as broadcast messages, users, assets, etc. The package allows display in either sections on the page using html divs or a table display. This package does not have any click events and is purely for displaying information. To learn more about creating bridges, refer to the Kinetic Community article at:
  • The Fulfillment API was written to make it easier to retrieve and modify information for Work Orders within the Fulfillment package. It is meant to be installed alongside a working version of the installment package.
  • The Knowledge Management package (referred to as RKM) provides a search utility to search the RKM application for various articles.  The articles are returned in a results list where the user can then drill into the specific articles to see details.