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Inspect Catalog/Service Item

The inspect command detects issues within service items that will cause errors when running KURL.  It can also be used to fix these issues.


Currently the inspect action detects two types of issues.

  1. When an event performs a hide/show, insert/remove, required/optional, read-only/read-write, or set fields action on any type of element it stores the name of the element.  If the name of that element is changed after the event is configured the event will still have the original name stored, which causes an error when working with KURL.
  2. When using an element GUID in custom event code, a dynamic text element, or any other manner there will be problems when working with KURL because when KURL builds the new service item new GUIDS will be generated but the hardcoded GUIDS remain the same.

The inspect command will detect the problems above and print a message if any are found.  You can also use the cleanup argument to automatically fix some issues.  The first issue described above can be fixed automatically by using the cleanup argument but the second issue can not.

A message like this will be printed for inspected service items Inspecting template 'Laptop Request'.  Any issues with that item will be printed below.  If there are no issues then nothing will be printed beneath the inspecting message.


catalog Specifies the catalog that will be inspected.  If no service item is specified every service item in the catalog will be inspected.  This argument is required
service_item Specifies the service item that will be inspected.
cleanup If used KURL will automatically fix some of the issues detected during the inspect process


java -jar kurl.jar -action=inspect -catalog="Service Catalog"

This command will perform an inspect on the entire catalog but nothing will be modified.

java -jar kurl.jar -action=inspect -catalog="Service Catalog" -service_item="Laptop Request" -cleanup

This command will perform an inspect on a single service item, it will also fix the issues that can be automatically fixed