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Export Dataset

This command will export a KURL definition file for the specified data set.


This command exports the data set definition for the specified data set to a file named dataset.rb.

If the file to be created already exists KURL will print a message and exit, leaving the file unmodified.  This behavior can be modified by adding the overwrite argument, which will result in the existing file being overwritten by the latest definition.


data_set Specifies the data set to be exported.  This argument is required.
directory Specifies the directory to write the KURL definition file to.  Defaults to the current directory if not specified.
overwrite If used any file with the same name will be overwritten during execution


java -jar kurl.jar -action=retrieve_data_set -data_set="SYSTEM_DEFAULTS"

This command exports the SYSTEM_DEFAULTS data set definition to the current directory.