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The bridge function is used to create a Bridge.


The bridge function is a root function in KURL.  Meaning that it is not called within a code block passed to another function.

Below are the functions available within the bridge function.

name Sets the name attribute of the Bridge.  This attribute is required.  This attribute must be unique among other Bridges.
bridge_url Sets the bridge url attribute of the Bridge.  This attribute is required.
status Sets the status attribute of the Bridge.  This attribute has 2 valid values "Active" and "Inactive".  This attribute defaults to "Active" if not set.


bridge {                                                                 # Create a new bridge
  name "Local ARS"                                                       # Name the bridge
  bridge_url ""   # Set the URL of the bridge
  status "Active"                                                        # Set the status of the bridge
This example demonstrates the bridge function described above.