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Dynamic Text Elements

Dynamic Text elements can be added to a Service Item using the text function. The text function takes two string arguments. The first argument is the label of the Text element. The second argument is the actual dynamic text to be displayed.

Text Flags

The :hidden flag configures the text element to hidden.

The :removed flag configures the text element to removed.

Text Options

The :help_text options configures the help text of the text element.

The :style_class option configures the style class of the text element.

Text Functions

The event function (Chapter 7).

The style function (Chapter 8).

Text Element Creation

text "Static Text", "Please fill out the requester name"

The text element above is a standard text element.

text "Dynamic Text", "<FLD>Requester Name;ANSWER</FLD>"

The text element above has some dynamic text. The text element references the answer to a question element on the same form.