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Section Elements

Section elements can be added to a service item by using the section function. The section function takes one string argument, the text label of the section element. Unlike page elements, other element types cannot be created within the code block passed to the section function. Instead, any text or question element created following the creation of a section will belong to the most recent section element that was created.

Section Flags

The :hidden flag will configure the entire section to hidden.

The :removed flag will configure the entire section to removed.

Section Options

The :style_class option configures the style class of the section element.

Section Functions

The event function (Chapter 7).

The style function (Chapter 8).

Section Element Creation

section "Request Information"

The section definition above is a simple section element. All text and question elements defined after this section element definition will belong to this section, until a new section or page element is defined.

section "Requester Information",
  :style_class => "hidden section"

The section definition above is a more complex section element; it is configured to hidden and has a class of “hidden section”.