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Appendix A - Client Event Descriptions

Descriptions of Actions and Events for Client Events.

Events by Request Element


  • beforeSubmit
  • load
  • setFieldsReturn
  • submit


  • Mouse Out
  • Mouse Over


  • click


  • Custom
  • click
  • setFieldsReturn


  • custom
  • attachMenu
  • blur
  • change
  • click
  • focus
  • keyup
  • Mouse Out
  • Mouse Over
  • SetFieldsReturn


Description of Individual Events

attachMenu  If a new menu (list) is attached to a field (Populate Menu action) this event fires.

blur  This event happens when the focus leaves an element.  A good example is the cursor leaving one text field for another.

change  Used on drop-down lists to indicate a value change.

click  Used for radio buttons and check boxes to indicate a choice.  Also used for images and text.

focus  Element on the page gaining focus.  For example, using tab to move the cursor to a text field. 

keyup  The action of a pressed key coming up.  This event is almost always used with the return key – see the actions section later for more details.

Mouse Out  The mouse leaves the area defined for your element.  This event is normally only associated with text fields or Sections

Mouse Over  Many of the elements in Survey include this event already, it is the Help Text field on the Validation tab of questions, or the main tab for text, images or other elements.

setFieldsReturn  This event fires after a set fields action that is based upon a keyup/Enter key combo.  This allows you to base the next action on data returned by the previous event.

beforeSubmit  Event called when the submit button is clicked, but before any data is passed to the Remedy database.  This event is often paired with custom javascript code.

Load  Event is called when the web page is displayed.  It is often used to setdefault values, or set field properties that change depending on the process step a request is in.

Submit  Event fires after the submit button has been clicked and after other validation checks.

Available Actions

The eight actions are available from any element, however not every action makes sense for each event/element combo.  For example, Event–Load: Action-Populate Menu is not a logical choice on a confirmation page.

Custom  Either place code directly in the field provided, or call a function that references code placed in the CustomHeaderContent field.

Hide and Show In Place  Makes other elements on the same page either Hidden or Visible. 

Insert and Remove  Adds or removes an element from the current web page.  The difference between this and Hide/Show is that the entire element is removed while hiding in place leaves a blank space where the element was.

Populate Menu  adds a new list to an existing list question.  The new list is based upon the qualification set in the action.

Read Only and Read/Write  Changes the display setting of the indicated field.  Often used in conjunction with the load event to set the initial status if questions.

Required and Optional  Similar to the previous action and also often used with the load event.

Set Fields – External  Based on the qualification you enter, gets data from a Remedy form and populates questions on the current web page.

Set Fields – Internal  Sets a value into a question on the current web page.  Often used to set a value into a hidden or combine values from multiple fields into one field.