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10. Reporting

This chapter covers running and configuring reports in Kinetic Request.

Running Reports

There are two locations to run reports on request data from the Service Catalog Console, the Reports tab, and the Global Reporting form. 

Example of the Reports tab:

reports tab basic.JPG

From the reports tab, you can select any report available for your service item, and click on the ‘Run Report’ button. By default, the report will run for all instances of only the selected service item.  Many of the reports have further qualifications that are listed in the Report Description field.

Advanced Run

The Advanced Run dialog allows you to add more qualifications to your reports in two ways.  First, there are five fields that you can quickly setup with field names and simple qualifications.  Secondly, you can click on the ‘Advanced Qualification’ button to setup your own more sophisticated qualification.

You also have the ability to save a qualification, and use it over again or use it as a basis for a longer qualification.  The ‘Show Embedded’ button lets you see the preset qualification for the report.

report advanced dialog.JPG


Global Reporting

The Global Reporting link takes you to the same form as the Advanced Run button with one major difference, it is not tied to a specific service item.  This means that you can report across multiple service items if you choose.  For example, if you have two similar service items for two departments, you could combine the results into one report if the questions/answer types were similar.

The way to make sure service items are similar enough to report across is to clone them.  If that is not possible, make sure that the answer types are compatible, and that the Field Map numbers are the same (Advanced tab of the question dialog).  The field map numbers relate to the answer viewer on the completed request form.

Activity - Reporting

Complete activity sever, looking at various reports.