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9. Notifications

Now that you have a basic understanding of constructing a service item and service catalog, it’s time to learn how to ask customers to complete targeted requests, and alert people to results from those requests.  Notifications perform both of these functions. They are based on a Message Template similar in format to a service item, and are triggered by either answers and other attributes of requests or through a task.

Message Templates

Message templates are the basis for (almost) all notifications. They can be related to specific service catalogs thus limiting access by permission groups like service items.  You can even clone a message template.  When a message template processes into a notification, it passes its data to the AR System email form and then the Remedy email system sends it out.

Kinetic Request comes with some basic message templates that are a great resource for creating or cloning your own.


Timing and Message Templates

Two events cause a message template to be sent as a notification.

Pre-Request/Invitation – includes messages sent from an integration, approvals, or reminders to complete a request

Post-Request/Submit – includes notifications triggered by answers on the request when it is submitted. 


Creating Message Templates

You can create new message templates one of two ways, cloning an existing template, or creating from scratch.  Cloning is a great way to get all the formatting of an existing template and then make your own changes. 

Example of the Message Template dialog:

message template dialog.JPG

The table at the top of the Message Template Manager displays templates by category, with search capabilities similar to the service catalog console.  Below the table are the details of the selected template.

Important fields in the details section include:

Message Template Name – required and must be unique.

Category – not required, and if left blank these message templates are available to all service items.

Originating Form – the menu choices are Pre-Survey Invite and Post-Survey Notification.  These choices resolve into the form that the template pulls data from when constructing the final email message.

Body Text – This field contains the bulk of the email message, and you have the ability to insert data from your request (add fields button), and links (Tags) to either a request to be completed, information from a completed request, or an Opt-Out link.  The add fields link is the same process as adding fields to a text element.  If your template is in HTML format, you can also use tags similar to the text element to enhance the formatting of your email message.  The preview tab will show you approximately how the body field will look when the message is sent to a customer. 

Example of a New Message Template:

Message Template new dialog.JPG



Complete Activity 6 - Create Notifications