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Activity Five - Add Styling to Your Service Item

In this activity you add styling to the service item from the previous two activities. If you like, you can create a new service item and start from scratch.


Common Styling options in Kinetic Request.

Using the base style sheet (DisplayPage.jsp):

Add padding and/or margins around elements to add white space

Align questions horizontally instead of the vertical default alignment

Align the label and the input field of a question horizontally

Change the styling of a section including borders and background colors

Using one of the bundles and themes:

Use a browser developer tool to inspect what styles are added.

Start removing styles to see what happens

Try adding style to see what you have to do to make something new happen

Things to Think About

Find out if your organization has standards for styling. They should be able to be incorporated into a style sheet for your service items.


Try and decide early on what some “base” styles are for your catalog(s).