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Activity One - Create New Service Catalog

Follow these steps to create a new Service Catalog – Equipment Services.  This catalog can hold your training examples for the class or you can use the Activities catalog


1.     Click ‘New’ under the Service Catalog drop down.

2.     Enter “Equipment Services” in the Service Catalog field.

3.     Leave the following fields set to their default values:

a.     Visible To Group

b.     Management Group

c.     Web Server URL

d.     Display Page (JSP)

4.     Set the Status field to “Active”

5.     Enter in a description.

6.     Create two Categories (Hardware and Software)

7.     Save the Service Catalog

8.     Modify the Service Catalog, and attach (clone) a service item into it.

Things to Think About

Limit the access to your entire catalog with the Visible To group field, and limit management of the catalog with the Management Group field.