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Task 4+ Manager

Describes the Remedy portion of the Task 4 manager.

Task 4 Manager

While version 4 of the task manager is independent of Remedy a manager console in Request is very useful for both configuration and tracking issues.



The top table of the console lists all the Task 4 engines that are available for Kinetic Request. Each server is given a unique name to use as an attribute when configuring. Here is the link to configure Request for Task 4. 

To add or modify a Task 4 engine click on the corresponding button and the following dialog appears.


Name is a unique name you provide.

Application Base URL is the URL of the server

Authentication Token is an optional value that can be matched with a token on the Task 4 engine for securith.

Status is defaulted to Active.

Issue Tracking

Failures with the task engine may not be reported on the consoles for Task 4 (connectivity issues for example). The lower table collects all of this information in an easy to read and sort table. If you need more information, each row can be selected and opened.


Information on the specific error is on the Error tab.