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Import Console

Instructions for importing individual survey templates or service items.


This console accepts the zip files exported from the Export Console and imports them into Remedy. Only the elements of the template are imported - no answers. The most important feature is the ability to add, remove, and modify elements in an existing template with elements from the template being imported.

Importing is the most common way to migrate templates from a development to a production environment.



  1. From the import Console, click the Select File button. Your OS File Selector will appear.
  2. Select the zip file you want and click Open
  3. Click the Import button
    1. If the template does not exist in your system, you will see a success message when the import is complete.
    2. If the template exist, you will see a list of all the adds, updates, and removals (see image above). WARNING: If a question is removed ALL answers to that question are also removed. You will also be prompted to confirm before the import is complete.