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Web Admin Console

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The web admin console allows the administrator to configure the default web server settings.

Console is divided into two main tabs. Admin tab controls settings and logs while Diagnostics tab allows you to monitor response times for service items and their elements.


  • Setup console deals with basic connections to Remedy and includes three separate sections, ARS  Server, System, and License.
  • Export process searches your system for all information relevant to a specific template and creates a zip file with all the individual Remedy export files and a manifest. Example screen with a template defined. Export with link for download.
  • Instructions for importing individual survey templates or service items.
  • A listing of Remedy and System information for the current web server.
  • Access a variety of logs including Application and a zip of all logs available.
  • Console tracks response times service items and their elements. Also includes a latency option for the Remedy serever.