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Submissions Tab

Search and show results of requests

Using the Submissions Tab

The Submissions tab of the Service Catalog Console allows you to:

  • Search for and view the status of requests sent and/or completed.
  • For forms processing, you can also accept or reject a submission, add notes and other information.
  • Send a new request to another participant or generate a new request to capture results through phone interviewing or other methods.
  • Fill out sent requests.
  • Resend existing requests.

Search for Requests

Searching for submissions is done one of two ways. First using the drop-down search menu above the table. Second using the advanced search button. The search drop-down list is limited, but will cover most searches as you are devoloping and testing your service item. The Advanced Search button has many more options, and is useful once your service item is in production and has many more requests.

Example of basic Submissions tab:


Search drop-down list has the following options: Company ID, Company Name, Contact Value-Phone/Email, Last Name, Originating ID, Show All, Status, Submission ID, and Validation Status.

for+ requires values for the all of the values of the Search drop-down.

Search/Clear allows you to start the search or clear and start over.

View button will show you answers and attributes of the selected request.

Complete button will open the selected request to the last competed page. This button is not available if the request has been completed.

(Re)Send button allows you to send targeted requests to the designated customer.

Delete removes the request and all of its associated answers.

NOTE: Deleted requests cannot be retrieved.

Send New allows you to send a targeted request to a specific customer. Clicking the button brings up the following dialog:

submission tab send new.png

First Name, Last Name, and Email are required.

Advanced Search brings up a more comprehensive search dialog:

submission tab advanced search.png

The Category (Service Catalog) is set and cannot be changed. The Request Name is set to the current service item, but can be changed. Other important fields include Sent Date date range, and the Add: Answer Value and Base Value to create your own qualification.

View a Customer Request

You can view the answers of an existing request via the Submissions tab.  Any request whose status is either “In Progress” or “Completed” can be viewed.

Example of Submission Dialog:

submission tab customer submission.JPG

Along the top of the dialog are basic fields for the request, and a selection of attributes.

The main tab displays answers for the request. The other tabs show attributes, and notification information.

Sending a Message

From the Submissions dialog, you can send a new message for this request.  This will send a custom email message to any email address. It uses Message Templates.

Click on Send Message.  A dialog will open.  Fill out the appropriate fields, and an email will be sent to the intended recipient.

Export/Print the Request

From the Submissions dialog, you can export or print the answers via an included Crystal Report. 

Click on Export/Print.  A dialog will appear with the information from the customer request.  This data can be printed or exported from this dialog.

NOTE: If using Remedy’s Mid-Tier, you must have Crystal Enterprise installed and configured to view Crystal reports over the web.  Crystal Enterprise is a separate licensed product.  See your Remedy AR System documentation for more information.

For clients viewing request results via the Mid-tier without Crystal Enterprise, the report that is shown is a simple AR System report listing the answers.