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Copy Existing element

Copying elements from other service items

How to Copy an Element

You can access all request elements from an existing template (Page, Section, Question, and Text) and share them between new or other existing templates.

Example of the Copy Elements dialog:

copy existing basic dialog.JPG

Steps to add elements from another service item:

  1. Click the Add button on the right side of the Pages Tab.
  2. Select Copy Existing Element from the element dialog.
  3. On the right side is your current service item, select the element just above where you want the copy to go.
  4. On the left side, select the service item from the Source Template drop-down that you want to copy from.
  5. Once the selected service item has populated the table, select the element you want to copy to the current service item.
  6. Click the Add>> button.
  7. Optional - if you need to undo the last action, click the Undo button. This only works for the last copy.
  8. Repeat as needed or click Close to close the dialog.

NOTE: You can select a section element to copy everything in the section, or a Page element to copy everything on a page.

Copy Existing and Events

When you copy an element or a section, you will be asked if you want the events to be copied. Events are based on the instance Id of the element they interract with. Since elements get new instance Id when they are copied, the events will not work. It is sometimes benficial to have the "framework" of the events available to modify instead of creating from scratch.

Example of warning message when copying elements:

copy existing event warning message.JPG