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Create Radio Buttons, Drop-Down lists or Check Boxes.

Adding a List Question

List questions define a pre-defined set of items for selection, radio buttons, list box or check boxes.  You can set the order that these items appear and have a score attached to each item.  Lists can be re-used within a service item. 

Example of a blank List question:

list question blank dialog.JPG

List Name is the unique (per service item) name of your list. Lists can be shared by selecting the name from the List name drop-down list - required.

Type gives you the options, Check Box, List box, Radio Button

  • A Check Box offers the opportunity for submitters to make MULTIPLE choices from the list
  • A List Box offers choices in the form of a drop-down menu. 
  • A Radio Button will only allow users to make a SINGLE choice from the elements in the list.

Justification can be set to Horizontal or Vertical. List Boxes are not affected.

Apply Not Applicable adds a n/a or none option to your list. This is normally only used for Radio Button lists. This choice is not scored

N/A Value is the value displayed for the Apply Not Applicable option

Menu Value + is the value that is stored in the Remedy database when that option is selected. 

Menu Label is the value for the selection that is shown to the customer

If you enter a value and press either the Enter/Return key the application will copy the value to the Menu Label field and add the item to the list as the next in order. No score is set.

Score is an optional parameter for your selection item.

Order sets the way the selection items are presented.

Answer Mapping allows you to set the value of you Date question to an attribute field of the request.

Transient means that the answer will not be saved to the database when the page is submitted. This is used for work or temporary fields.

Completed List Question Example:

list question completed.JPG

The Remedy table shows all the list options in the order of the Order setting.

To change a selection, select it from the Remedy table, and click the View Choice option. This moves the values back into the Menu Value and Menu Label fields where you can make changes. Click the Save Choice button to save changes. Click Clear Choice to start your selection over.

If you want to delete a selection, select it from the Remedy table an click the Remove Choice button. 

Transient means that the answer will not be saved to the database when the page is submited. This is used for work or temporary fields.